Unraveling Racism: Seeing White

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About the Journey

The Art Kettle is coordinating a unique art-making experience with a powerful broadcast as its map. John Biewen's Seeing White is a Peabody nominated series from the podcast Scene on Radio. Seeing White explores the hidden strands of systemic racism woven into the very fabric of American society. Artists will listen to episodes, gather regularly to engage in group discussion, and respond by creating their own artwork. At the end of the series, the body of work will be showcased in a traveling exhibit Unraveling Racism: Seeing White. Our hope is to build understanding, inspire empathy and improve relations among a variety of communities.

Join this collaborative artistic inquiry into unraveling systemic racism in America. Interdisciplinary groups of artists are forming now.


Dates and Locations

Discussion Groups are Ongoing
Meetings are approximately 2 hours long.

Specific meeting times and location information is accessible once you’ve registered your interest in the project.

Online participation is encouraged.

Show Open: Autumn 2019

The resulting exhibit will travel among galleries in southeast Michigan.


Yes, I am interested in being a Seeing White artist.

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Special thanks to CDS for such a powerful podcast series.

Search for “Scene On Radio” in your podcast app to discover the Seeing White series by John Biewen.